MorocCATS – Chefchaouen

I’ve just come back from an amazing couple of weeks in Morocco! As a self confessed crazy cat lady, it wouldn’t have been a proper holiday if I hadn’t befriended and photographed all of the furry locals so look forward to more cat pics from my travels.

Chefchaouen is a beautiful town in northern Morocco and its characteristic blue and white buildings make the ideal backdrop for some perfectly poised putties…

ps. Stay at Hotel Souika if you want an extra dose of cat.


This cheeky cat was trying to steal my breakfast..it’s hard to say no to those eyes though.


A little cat family I found on the terrace of a restaurant.






PicMonkey Photo

This is Mowgli and…


…this is Simba.


The two very cute resident cats in our hostel.


A day in the life of a final year languages student

These days I rarely get a chance to update my blog. In fact sometimes I forget I even have one until I tack it on to the end of my list of hobbies which I indulge in when I probably should be doing other things like reading about post-feminist film theory. Anyway, it occurred to me that even though the tagline of my blog is “the musings of a languages student” I’ve never actually done any sort of post which makes reference to studying languages or just being a student in general. So, here’s what a day in the life of a University of Exeter finalist is like…

8.00 am

Wake up and turn off annoying vintage style alarm clock.

8.15 am

Get up when proper phone alarm goes off.

8.30 am

Have breakfast: Weetabix with almond milk, pumpkin seeds and banana since I’m no longer just content that I’m saving the lives of enough animals by simply being vegetarian – veganism seems to be the ultimate ethical lifestyle.

9.00 am 

Walk/run to campus because I never seem to leave exactly on time.

9.35 am 

Enter Italian oral class flustered and sweaty from jogging up the hill and also because Devon has a weird humid climate even in January.

11.00 am

Head to the library to study and somehow seem to spend an hour doing nothing at all.

12.00 noon

Write an article about an anti-social seagull

13.00 pm

After waiting in a queue for quite a while I get a delicious wrap from a place on campus which is called “Comida” even though it has no connection to Spain/Spanish.

14.40 pm

Whilst being pensive during a French translation class I realise that I have a chin hair – merde.

15.30 pm

Decide to troll the student forum for Grad ball theme ideas by posting – “Cats cats cats – a party where everyone is a cat.”

16.00 pm

Read about post-feminism in the media

17.30 pm

Make dinner and face derision from housemates who snigger at my love for mushy peas and Linda McCartney sausages.

18.00 pm

Agree to going out even though I know I have to be up early tomorrow and I have lots of work to do.

21.00 pm

Go out on the premise that I will have one drink and one drink alone.

21.30 pm

I’ve had 4 drinks because it didn’t make sense not to benefit from the 2-4-1 cocktails deal.

22.00 pm

Dance in a club during a beats n bass night and feel that my arms are working independently to the rest of my body.

23.00 pm

Have a drunk conversation about life after university and plunge into a temporary existential crisis.

00.00 midnight

Walk home and take solace in the fact that there are many people much drunker than I am eg. a Rugby boy in a pink tutu

1 am

Debate whether or not to get chips

1.15 am

Get chips

2 am

Read e-mails and realise that I’ve got a place on a journalism course starting in September!

2.30 am

Lie awake with nervous excitement

3.30 am

Fall into a deep sleep filled with dreams about cats in formal wear.










10 things only hopeless romantics will understand

1.) You’re not afraid to say “I love you”

Some people would rather shave off their eyebrows than say those three words but you don’t shy away from expressing how you feel. Even when you know that it makes you more vulnerable and easier to hurt you say it anyway because life’s too short to bottle up our emotions.

love i love you one tree hill chad michael murray lucas scott


2.) You want your life to be like a film 

You love chick-flicks and secretly hope that one day you’ll get a proposal like the one in The Notebook  or have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s style kiss in the rain. Of course you know that life isn’t like the films but that doesn’t mean that it’s naive or silly to search for those cinematic moments in your own love life. Moonlit walk on the beach anyone?

the notebook creepy online times ryan

3.) You set high standards 

You tend to set high standards for what you look for in a partner and why shouldn’t you? Settling for less than you deserve isn’t being realistic it’s just plain sad.

relationships the hills lauren conrad standards audrina patridge


4.) You write love poems and songs

When you’re in love you can’t help but let it pour forth in the form of poetry or song. Although everyone knows that words alone can never truly express how you feel.

blue red roses logic ryanhiga


5.) You believe in Mr. Right

Even though you’ve only ever encountered Mr.Wrongs (and a few Mr. No fucking ways) you steadfastly believe that somewhere out there is the man for you. You just need to find him.

MGM Christmas believe miracle on 34th street christmas santa claus


6.) You daydream and fantasise

You can’t help yourself from fantasising about the future. You may have only met this guy this morning but that won’t stop you from imaging what he’d look like in a suit, bent down on one knee, standing at an altar. The next thing you know you’re naming your future children and deciding if you’d rather live in the city or the countryside but you haven’t even been on date no.2 yet.

music love girl ed sheeran a team


7.) People often think you’re desperate  

Just because you wear your heart on your sleeve doesn’t make you desperate. You’re so full of love and emotion and it frustrates you that you don’t have anyone to share it with so when a person comes along who you click with it can be hard for you not to come on too strong. Don’t listen to the people who tell you you’re crazy – they’re just jealous and most likely emotionally retarded.

drinking i love you will ferrell elf buddy the elf


8.) Heartbreak hits you harder than most

You believe strongly in love so when it doesn’t go to plan it can cause you a lot of pain. You start to question if after so many disappointing and unhappy endings is it really the guy that’s the problem and not you? Don’t take rejection too personally; It happens to everyone.


rachel bilson heartbreak broken heart sad hart of dixie

9.) You never stop believing in True Love

You don’t quite believe that True Love’s kiss could wake you up from a Sleeping Beauty style coma but you do eagerly anticipate the guy who is going to reawaken your belief and hope in mankind’s capacity to love. You know he’s out there somewhere.

love black and white world i love you romance


10.) You’re not hopeless

You know that you’ve been labelled a “hopeless” romantic for a reason but that doesn’t deter you from your quest to find happiness. Nothing is impossible and love cannot be found without the hope that it truly exists.

tumblr heart i love you i miss you a heart full of love









My unofficial guide to drunk- texting


me and phone

Ooops…I did it again


1.) Don’t do it!

If you can help it, don’t do it. When going on a night out it’s always safer to bring your phone for obvious reasons however if you’re just getting pissed at home it’s best to turn it off and put in your drawer so you won’t be tempted or better still put it in the hands of your more sensible friend who always stops drinking when they reach just the right level of tipsy. However this isn’t a guide for sensible individuals so….

2.) Keep it light

It’s best not to spew out too many of your emotions or darkest secrets via text (you’ll be spewing up enough later). Affirmations like “I love you” and questions like “Should we be exclusive?” really lose their potency in a text message and deserve to be discussed for the first time face to face.

3.) Never text an ex

We’ve all done it but texting an ex is never a good idea especially when you’re drunk. All of the bitterness, the anger or the longing to get back together with the other person will just culminate to form a message which at the time you think eloquently and poetically expresses how you feel but in reality it’s something like  “U cheated on me. like what? m8 so happy we’re overs.”

4.) Be flirty, not dirty 

I think downright dirty texts in isolation are just a bit vulgar but if they’re part of an ongoing repartee by all means crack on. I think it’s always better not to give too much of the game away though so a flirty text which offers everything but promises nothing is perfect. e.g “it’s so hot tonight I have to sleep naked. Wish I had a fan.”

5.) Don’t make it obvious that you’re drunk

This is probably the hardest thing to do but once you’ve mastered predictive texting it’s all plain sailing from there. Avoid stating how much you’ve drunk as well as it will just strip the credibility from anything you say thereafter.

6.) Make sure you send it to the intended recipient

There’s nothing more embarrassing than accidentally sending a text to your mum which says “hey sexy, want you in my bed” so please always double check that you’ve got the right recipient keyed in.

7.) Have no regrets

So if you can’t follow this guide to a T, I’m frankly not surprised- we all say things we regret when we’re drunk and the invention of texting has just made it all the more easier for us to make complete arses of ourselves. If you wake up the next day to realise that you’ve sent a text which is diabolically embarrassing/revealing/regrettable the best thing you can do is just hold your head high and make a false promise to yourself that you will never again drink and text. At least you have a funny story.






The Ordinary Boys are back in town! – An interview with Preston

The Ordinary Boys are a band who sort of faded into the abyss. The height of their success came in 2006 when frontman Preston gained them widespread media attention following an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and a high profile relationship with Chantelle Houghton. The band split only a few years later but Preston has since been writing songs including hits like “Heart skips a beat” which he co-penned with Olly Murs. Now the boys are back with a new album and tour. I was lucky enough to catch up with Preston just before he took to the stage for their first gig at The Cavern in Exeter…

An ordinary boy and an ordinary girl

An ordinary boy and an ordinary girl

Inside The Cavern the lighting is dimmed, the stage is set and the support act are slowly but surely getting the crowd pumped. I’m awkwardly bopping along to the music as I stand beside Preston who seems to be very chilled as he soaks up the atmosphere. Seeing him signal to his bandmate that he’s going out for a cigarette, I grab my chance and in the most non-stalkerish way possible, I follow him outside. At first I feel a bit intimidated about approaching him, I mean he is (or was) sort of famous. However Preston doesn’t have any airs or graces and is very obliging when I ask for a photo and ten minutes or so of his time to have a chat….

Have you played at The Cavern before?

Yeah we did a gig here about 11 years ago and were supported by The Kaiser Chiefs and The Cribs. By the time we arrived The Cribs were already crowsurfing, it was mental.

Do you like playing here then?

Yeah the staff are really nice here. I did feel a bit bad though because I brought some chicken in and it’s a veggie place isn’t it? (During the day The Cavern serves food.) I could feel some eyes on me….

Do you regret ever going on Celebrity Big Brother?

No not at all, it was a really nice, fun time – I really enjoyed it. I feel like all the things that have happened to get me where I am today in my life would never have happened without it. I’m happy where I am now.

Do you feel that The Ordinary Boys only made it big due to your personal media presence?

Oh massively. We weren’t ever suited to being that big. It was just a bit of a weird sort of situation for us to be in. It’s better being back just playing to a few people in little clubs. Now we’re just doing it for fun really and having a bit of a laugh.

How did you get into songwriting?

Well our third album was really poppy and maybe it wasn’t quite right for The Ordinary Boys but it made me really like pop music. I wrote a few songs and people liked them.

What was it like to work with Olly Murs?

Well I‘ve gone for drinks and stuff with him before. He’s a really nice guy. As nice as you could imagine he is. If you’re not genuinely nice and you’re someone like Olly Murs you get found out very quickly. Now with Twitter and social media it’s harder to get away with it.

What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

Beer. I drink IPAs. I’m really posh like that.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on a night out?

You don’t want to hear about thatwe’re quite sensible now really but we all get a bit over excited when we see each other because we haven’t seen each other in so long. We do have a bit too much of a nice time sometimes but it’s good to have an excuse to do that when you’re over thirty.

What happened after you stormed off on Never Mind the Buzzcocks?

I just got in a taxi and went home.

Where do you see the band going in the future?

Onwards and downwards – It’s just an excuse for me to hang out with my best friends. We have the same members now as we had for the first album which is the one that everyone likes.