10 things only hopeless romantics will understand

1.) You’re not afraid to say “I love you”

Some people would rather shave off their eyebrows than say those three words but you don’t shy away from expressing how you feel. Even when you know that it makes you more vulnerable and easier to hurt you say it anyway because life’s too short to bottle up our emotions.

love i love you one tree hill chad michael murray lucas scott


2.) You want your life to be like a film 

You love chick-flicks and secretly hope that one day you’ll get a proposal like the one in The Notebook  or have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s style kiss in the rain. Of course you know that life isn’t like the films but that doesn’t mean that it’s naive or silly to search for those cinematic moments in your own love life. Moonlit walk on the beach anyone?

the notebook creepy online times ryan

3.) You set high standards 

You tend to set high standards for what you look for in a partner and why shouldn’t you? Settling for less than you deserve isn’t being realistic it’s just plain sad.

relationships the hills lauren conrad standards audrina patridge


4.) You write love poems and songs

When you’re in love you can’t help but let it pour forth in the form of poetry or song. Although everyone knows that words alone can never truly express how you feel.

blue red roses logic ryanhiga


5.) You believe in Mr. Right

Even though you’ve only ever encountered Mr.Wrongs (and a few Mr. No fucking ways) you steadfastly believe that somewhere out there is the man for you. You just need to find him.

MGM Christmas believe miracle on 34th street christmas santa claus


6.) You daydream and fantasise

You can’t help yourself from fantasising about the future. You may have only met this guy this morning but that won’t stop you from imaging what he’d look like in a suit, bent down on one knee, standing at an altar. The next thing you know you’re naming your future children and deciding if you’d rather live in the city or the countryside but you haven’t even been on date no.2 yet.

music love girl ed sheeran a team


7.) People often think you’re desperate  

Just because you wear your heart on your sleeve doesn’t make you desperate. You’re so full of love and emotion and it frustrates you that you don’t have anyone to share it with so when a person comes along who you click with it can be hard for you not to come on too strong. Don’t listen to the people who tell you you’re crazy – they’re just jealous and most likely emotionally retarded.

drinking i love you will ferrell elf buddy the elf


8.) Heartbreak hits you harder than most

You believe strongly in love so when it doesn’t go to plan it can cause you a lot of pain. You start to question if after so many disappointing and unhappy endings is it really the guy that’s the problem and not you? Don’t take rejection too personally; It happens to everyone.


rachel bilson heartbreak broken heart sad hart of dixie

9.) You never stop believing in True Love

You don’t quite believe that True Love’s kiss could wake you up from a Sleeping Beauty style coma but you do eagerly anticipate the guy who is going to reawaken your belief and hope in mankind’s capacity to love. You know he’s out there somewhere.

love black and white world i love you romance


10.) You’re not hopeless

You know that you’ve been labelled a “hopeless” romantic for a reason but that doesn’t deter you from your quest to find happiness. Nothing is impossible and love cannot be found without the hope that it truly exists.

tumblr heart i love you i miss you a heart full of love









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