A Wet Weekend in Madrid

The last time I was in Madrid it was the middle of July, the temperature was around 40 degrees celsius and my biggest concern was how to stop my suncream from running into my eyes. What a difference a few months makes!

My friend Shannon is doing her year abroad in Spain so I decided to hop over for the weekend, say “hola” and see some more of Madrid.

On Saturday the weather was abysmal so we didn’t do much asides from riding on the metro, stopping to buy an umbrella and repeating the process, however in-between showers we did manage to take a quick stroll around the Parco del Retiro. These grounds were offered as a gift to the king by the Count-Duke Olivares in the 1600s and were intended for court activities.

me and shannon parco del retiro

On a nicer day it’s possible to hire a little paddle boat and take a spin the little lake here but when we visited it was reserved for ducks only.

Sunday was a much better day so we were able to explore a bit more and see the Egyptian Temple de Debod which is dedicated to the Egyptain God Amun (aptly God of the wind). The temple was donated to Spain by the Egyptian state in 1968 in order to express its gratitude for Spain’s participation in the UNESCO led effort to save the temples of Abu Simel which were put at risk following the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

I was really surprised by how well the temple and the hieroglyphs are preserved and enjoyed how surreal it was to have the opportunity to visit a genuine Egyptian temple in Spain. Before we left I couldn’t resist striking a pose to really get into the Egyptian spirit.


walk like an egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian…in Spain

Next we went to the Centro de Bellas Artes where you can pay 3 euros to go up to the rooftop terrace and see a fantastic view of Madrid. It was definitely worth it!

me and shannon in madrid

Of course no visit to Spain would have been complete without having a Smooey frozen yoghurt which I became a little addicted to whilst in Zaragoza and had almost daily. Rain or sun it still tastes great.



Despite the wash-out weather we still managed to see quite a lot of the city and I thoroughly enjoyed my little weekend break away from Paris.

Hasta luego 🙂


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