Parma, Parma, Parma, Parma, Parma…….Chameleon

me in parma

Walking through the streets

This is another post which is well overdue (I just do too much stuff when I’m in Italy) but by taking advantage of some time I have at home in Ireland, I can finally give you an account of my experiences in Parma. Enjoy 🙂  So once again I caught the train with my trusted travel companion Sabela this time with the mission of exploring the city of Parma; the home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. Being a vegetarian I wasn’t able to sample the local meaty delicacy. I could have had the cheese (because often the authentic version isn’t made with animal rennet) but I eat a lot of it in Bologna so it wasn’t an urgent desire. We arrived in the morning and first of all had a coffee and croissant in a cafe in the centro storico before making our way to the teatro antico which is inside the Palazzo della Pilotta. The lighting was a little dim but we could still appreciate the colossal grandeur of the space.

sabela in the teatro

Sabela looking like she wants to monologue

Then we headed to the Galleria Nazionale (in the same building) where we saw lots of significant works. My favourites were “La Scapiliata” by Da vinci and “La Spiaggia” by Renato Guttoso.

da vinci parma

“La Scapiliata” by Leonardo Da Vinci – 1485

the bathers 2

“La spiaggia” by Renato Guttoso –  1955

We also had a bit of fun with trying to blend into the medieval religious paneled pieces such as this one by Angolo and Bartolomeo degli Erri.

me in a painting

Just trying to blend in…

I’m sure that’s why they left that blank space there in 1450…. After this we visited the Baptistry and the Cathedral, both of which were pretty spectacular. The lighting conditions in the cathedral were a little dim and I refused to pay a euro to light up every dome so instead I just illegally used flash (I don’t think anyone noticed.)

parma battistero

The Battistero

parma duomo

The duomo

For the rest of our time in Parma we just strolled around the lovely streets, went to the lovely Parco Ducale (which coupled with the cloudy weather reminded me very much of being back in Ireland) admired the buildings, saw a deformed bicycle and just soaked up the atmosphere.

Parco Ducale

Parco Ducale

There are many bikes in Parma...

There are many bikes in Parma…

This one didn't have a happy ending

….this one didn’t have a happy ending

All in all Sabela and I had a lovely day in Parma and I would recommend it to veggies and meat eaters alike as a city well worth visiting. (sorry vegans, you will miss out on Parmesan cheese) In the title I mis-quoted the Boy George song “Karma Chameleon” but I really do think that Parma is a dream and loving it is made easy with it’s colours “red, gold and green.”

Sabela with a map to navigate us

Sabela with a map to navigate us


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