Ciao Bologna!


My new street – Via Don Minzoni

my new room

I have been in Bologna now for three days and I am already in love with this city. I’m sharing a flat with three other Italian girls and an American Mexican boy and so far I feel very at home and am really looking forward to spending the next six months here whilst I undertake a work placement in nearby Sasso Marconi.

piazza maggiore Bologna

Piazza Maggiore

On Friday I met some other Erasmus students from the UK and elsewhere and went on a free walking tour of the city which was a good way to get my bearings whilst learning some funny facts. The Piazza Maggiore is the main square in the city and here sits the impressive Basilica of San Petronio which is the 15th largest church in the world. Another major landmark of the city are the due torre, one of which leans slightly (Torre Asinelli) so is supported by scaffolding at the bottom.

The Due Torre

The Due Torre

In the 12th and 13th century there were actually around 180 towers like these in the city which were supposedly constructed by rich families to demonstrate their wealth. During the 12th century many of the towers were demolished so today only around 20 remain. I decided to climb up the many steps to see the view at the top of the Torre Asinelli which was definitely worth all of the sweat and breathlessness. At the top there are beautiful vistas of the city and the surrounding countryside so I took my time up here to admire the view.

due torre view 2

due torre view 1

Another interesting fact about Bologna is that it once had almost as many canals as Venice which were used for trade and commerce. Today only a few remain and make for good photos.

little venice bologna

I have also experienced a little bit of the nightlife here which is vibrant and buzzing with lots of organised Erasmus parties. so hopefully I have many more notte di feste ahead of me.

I start my work placement tomorrow so stay posted for more accounts of living the dolce vita here in Bologna.


3 thoughts on “Ciao Bologna!

  1. Gorgeous pictures Katherine. You have really created a really warm and vibrant feel with the presentation. When I come over to visit you in october im sure you will be an expert with the city. I want to visit the towers plus explore some of the gardens. Perhaps you would be able to recommend the best ones by then.

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