San Sebastián

I’m back in Northern Ireland now and although it’s lovely to be home again for a while I know I am going to miss Spain and my host family. For my last weekend I decided to go to San Sebastíán and I’m so glad I did! I left early on the Saturday and took a five hour bus journey to the North coast of Spain where the landscape slowly becomes more and more mountainous and green- I almost felt as though I was back in Ireland! When I arrived I had to check into my hostel which was called “Green Nest”  and was very appropriately named as it was surrounded by trees and had lovely views of the mountains and countryside.
The green green grass of....Spain

The green green grass of….Spain

 After checking in I decided to explore the city and find my bearings. If you’ve read my previous post about brief encounters you’ll know that I love meeting new people on my travels so I was thrilled when I met three lovely girls from Denmark at the bus stop called Cecile, Emily and Nena who happened to be staying at the same hostel. The first thing we did after getting the bus into the centre was to go to the Playa de la concha and swim in the sea. The weather was absolutely beautiful and Cecile and I made the most of the lovely water in the marina. This part of San Sebastián reminded me a lot of San Tropez and the French Riviera which I suppose makes sense since it’s almost directly on the opposite side of the med.
Me with Emily, Nena and Cecile

Me with Emily, Nena and Cecile

Chilling on the beach

Chilling on the beach

After this we had the chance to peruse the shops at our leisure and stroll along the quaint little streets. We were also lucky enough to see a cycling race called the Clásica de San Sebastián which was taking place that day and has been held annually since 1981. Later we sat on the wall by the Marina at dusk and enjoyed the view before heading back to the hostel.


La clásica de San Sebastián

The marina at dusk

The marina at dusk

The city happened to be in the midst of festivals so there weren’t that many buses and we just managed to get the last one back at 9pm. The problem was that there were so many people that we couldn’t see where we were meant to get off and missed our stop but luckily the bus driver dropped us off near to where we needed to be and after a slight confusion about where we were we managed to find our way back. I enjoyed having dinner in the hostel and chatting to people of all nationalities. (I shared a dorm with girls from France, Israel and Holland!)

The next day I headed out on my own and explored the city a little further. It really is a beautiful place! I also had the opportunity to go to mass in the cathedral which was a very interesting experience because part of it was conducted in Basco; the regional language of the Basque country. I strolled through a lovely park, saw Zurriola beach and then made my way back to the train station by walking along the river.

carousel 1

Classic Carousel

san s marinafab fountain san sme in san sview of a bridge

After a long bus journey back to Zaragoza I was pretty exhausted but I really enjoyed my time in San Sebastián and would recommend it to anyone 🙂


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