Oropesa del Mar – Sun, sea and lots of sand

oropesa 3

Playa del morro de gos

After stopping overnight near Albarracín it was time for us to continue on to Oropesa del Mar where I would be spending a week with Inés, Miguel and their Great Aunt and Uncle. After about an hour and a half drive we arrived at the seaside and I was introduced to Julio and Teresa who have a nice little apartment right in front of the beach. We didn’t waste any time in unloading our stuff and we were all soon enjoying swimming in the sea and soaking up the sun. The apartment block also has its own swimming pool and I soon got used to the routine of going to the beach in the morning and the pool in the afternoon,

My stay was also made very pleasant by Julio who taught me how to play Escoba (a Spanish card game which means “broom”) and could often be heard singing Spanish classics such as “Y Viva Espana” and “María Isabel”

oropesa 4 oropesa oropesa 2Oropesa del Mar is a small town but it has everything you could possibly want and although it’s relatively touristic, it caters mostly for Spanish holiday makers so hasn’t been Anglicised like Benidorm. The other side of the town is known as Marina D’or (Golden Marina) and here there are some lovely gardens which are home to a few peacocks and other exotic birds. I enjoyed going for a stroll here under the shade of the trees when I wanted to escape from the sun for a while.

black swan jardines peacocks jardines 2

By pure coincidence my friend Shannon was staying in nearby Benacassim for the FIB music festival so we were able to meet up for a day. Benacassim is ony 10 mins away from Oropesa by train and is a lovely little town with nice shops and a seemingly endless beach. We had a look round the Thursday market and joined the hoards of other British tourists who had flocked to the town for the festival.

me and shannon

Me and Shannon in Benicassim

I’m back in Zaragoza now but I really enjoyed my week by the seaside and am glad to say that I’m thoroughly more tanned than I was before!


3 thoughts on “Oropesa del Mar – Sun, sea and lots of sand

  1. Wow I’ve always wanted to go to Spain and like most tourists only know the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. But your posts got me inspired to check out Oropesa del mar for the beach scenarios and golden marina for those exquisite peacocks! I am planning a Europe trip next fall so this is helpful! 🙂 – Lena

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