Albarracín- Prehistoric, picturesque and perfect.

I haven’t posted for a week because I haven’t had an internet connection so here’s an update on my latest travels – Last Saturday I went to a little town called Albarracín with my Spanish family and we stayed overnight in nearby Gea before continuing on to the coast and Oropesa del mar. Upon arriving we visited the Roman aqueducts at the Barranco de los Burros ( Donkey gorge) and at Azud de Gea (Gea’s weir). We all had fun exploring the various tunnels and Inés and Miguel tried without much success to scare me by jumping out from behind the rocks.

barranco 2

Barranco de los Burros

barranco 1

Rocking view


View from inside an aqueduct at Azud de Gea

After this we drove up into the pine woods where we went for a walk in order to see the various remnants of prehistoric cave paintings which are dotted around the area. I’ll admit that some of the “paintings” require a little bit of imagination to discern but I found them interesting nevertheless. The end of our walk brought us to the edge of a cliff with a beautiful view of the woods, mountains and nearby Albarracín; the perfect spot for a group photo!

pine wood

Everything is just pine

we are family

We are family

After a brief rest and refreshment in a lovely little bar called “El Molino del Gato” (the cat’s windmill) it was time for me to be introduced to the lovely town of Albaraccín. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited in Spain. With its terracotta rooftops, winding streets and almost completely intact fortified wall or “muralla”, Albarracín is a perfect example of authentic and unexploited Spain. I could have spent hours just walking around the streets which have been so beautifully preserved. Even the Santander bank has been adapted to blend in effortlessly with its rustic surroundings!  alabrracinmolino del gato albarracinAfter a perfect day it was lovely to spend a night in a really old little house which belonged to Marian’s Great Grandmother in Gea and after breathing in so much fresh air none of us had any trouble sleeping. I didn’t remember my dreams but I’m sure they were of narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed casitas…..


4 thoughts on “Albarracín- Prehistoric, picturesque and perfect.

  1. Wow Katherine. Love the pics and I agree that sounds like a perfect day filled with great memories of pure loveliness. Ps. Hope you werent ‘scared’ or ‘scarred’. Did you take any pics of the prehistoric Rock art or was it just too tenuous to discern?

    • The typo is now fixed lol. I didn’t take any pictures of the paintings but they wouldn’t have come out very well. The clearest ones were of little stick figures because they were painted in black but the other ones of deer and oxen were done in red so they were harder to see

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