Zaragoza- Painting the town….

In a previous post about Denia (a town near Benidorm) I briefly touched upon the subject of Spanish graffiti and how much more artistic and thoughtful it is compared to the inane scribblings I’m used to seeing at home. Zaragoza certainly isn’t lacking in street art so I thought I’d share my interpretations of the best pieces I’ve seen so far.

because I dream. I'm not crazy

Because I dream, I am not crazy

This piece was created by a group of street artists called Boa Mistura (“good mix” in Portuguese) who have also showcased their work on the streets of Madrid and Mallorca. I think the sentiment expressed in this mural echos the idea of the etching by Goya “El sueno de la razón produce monstruos” (Dreams of reason produce monsters) which coincidentally can be viewed in the Museo Ibercaja which is just behind this wall. If we fail to dream, whether whilst we are awake or asleep we have no outlet for all of the surreal and impossible things which we can imagine and if our dreams are but full of reason and logic then depression seeps in and we are unable to look beyond the harsh realities of the world. Either way I think the lasting message of this piece is to never underestimate the power of the imagination.

more love

More Love

This graffiti simply states “More Love” and I like to imagine that it is an anonymous call for us all to be more kind and loving towards one another as well as a wish for the end of world conflicts. It is short and sweet but I couldn’t help but smile when I passed it.

the elements

Fire,air,water and earth

I really like the style of this street art because it almost seems like a cartoon still or an illustration in a children’s book. I think the artist intended this to be an allegory for man’s relationship with the earth as it appears to depict a man swimming/flying with a fish,a bird and a kite and the words “fire”, “air”, “water” and “earth” surround him. Whilst the kite, the fish and the bird appear to be moving effortlessly, the figure of the man seems somewhat awkward and gangly which could suggest that man has become disconnected from his natural environment and can no longer identify with it.


Tradition vs modernity?

At first I didn’t really know what to make of this graffiti apart from being surprised at finding something so eye-catching and impressive in such an insignificant backstreet. It seems to me that it depicts a flamenco dancer who is trying to hang onto the branch of a tree whilst the bottom half of her body has turned into a sand timer and she is slowly turning to rice/pebbles. Perhaps this is an observation on the loss of culture and heritage in the modern world or a depiction of the conflict that sometimes exists between tradition and modernity. Either way I think it’s a very well executed piece of art and I was glad to come across it.


4 thoughts on “Zaragoza- Painting the town….

  1. Well done you for actually thinking about what these pieces of art/graffitti represent… I like the person swimming with the fish, squid etc the most.

  2. My favourite is the “Porque sueno no estoy loco”. You can’t really see it in the photo but each letter is made up of lots of different patterns. It was a project which allowed anyone in the town to take part and they completely covered the wall in designs and then sculpted out the letters.

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