Hola, Soy el au-pair

Inés and Miguel

Inés and Miguel

I have arrived in Zaragoza where I will be working as an au-pair and looking after two lovely children called Miguel and Inés for the next month. This morning, which was officially my first day we played games in English like “Guess who?” and a spanish version of “Hide and Seek” called “Tinieblas” (shadows) which is played with the lights turned off. After this we went for a walk to the port and Inés can explain this part better than I can;

Translation: My name is Inés and I am Spanish. Kathy has come to teach us English and for us to teach her Spanish and it will be great. Look, this is the river we have here and there is the Pilar.  And here are the things to bring the boats in. And over there is a restaurant where people who want to eat there go sometimes. Well this has been Inés Calvo Lostal’s video and this is Miguel Calvo Lostal. Thank you. Goodbye (Miguel evaded the camera)

I am looking forward to exploring the city of Zaragoza a bit more so look forward to more posts over the next few weeks 🙂

Inés and Miguel at Zaragoza port

Inés and Miguel at Zaragoza port


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