Denia – a city that always sleeps


Sleepy Spanish streets

Until I went to Denia I’d never visited anywhere that met the description of a “sleepy spanish town” and had always assumed that this was just a stock phrase which travel writers used to lure in tourists. This however is the perfect way to describe Denia. Today my mum, step-dad and I decided to take the one and a half hour train journey through the mountains to visit this little town so as we could experience a little bit of authentic Spain and escape the hubbub of Benidorm.

denia steps

Denia cat

The train journey itself had stunning views of the mountains and the sea and once we arrived in Denia I felt as though we had stepped into an idyllic paradise where time stood still. We arrived in the middle of the siesta so most things were closed including the castle, but it was still a delight to wander through the quaint streets which were almost completely devoid of tourists. Even the cats seemed incredibly chilled out.

Denia graffiti

“Every day I think of you and time has made me realise that you are the sole proprietor of my heart and this gives me the feeling that I will always remember you”

I saw this graffiti on a wall and thought about how different it is to the obscenities and sectarian slurs which can be found on walls in Northern Ireland. The hopeless romantic in me likes to imagine that this is anonymous poetry written by some broken- hearted Antonio or Manuel who is pining over an unrequited love and constantly composing tragic love ballads on his spanish guitar.

benidorm grafitti

“Our problem has always been voting and then delegating our power”

 Interestingly I found some more graffiti outside the train station when we arrived back in Benidorm. This was certainly intended as a political statement with communist undertones and after a bit of research I was quite surprised to discover that the PCE (partido comunista de Espana) is actually the third largest political party in Spain.

me and mum in denia

Me and Mum in Denia

It’s been another beautiful day in Sunny Spain and soaking in the relaxed atmosphere of Denia has made me realise that we should all slow down every once in a while and take a break from our hectic lifestyles, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Forget the telephone and the television, the greatest invention ever made was the siesta.


3 thoughts on “Denia – a city that always sleeps

  1. The photos really make bring across the sense of a chilled out village. This place looks similar to the villages and towns we went to in Sardinia, Katherine.

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