Airport Bingo

Jetting off is's hanging around the airport that's the boring part

Jetting off is’s hanging around the airport that’s the boring part

I flew back home to Northern Ireland yesterday and while I was at the airport I thought I’d pass the time by devising this little game. So whether you’re jetting off alone or with friends and family see how quickly you can spot each of these….

1) A middle aged man trying too hard to be hipster

2) A man in a hawaiian shirt

3) An adolescent wearing a baseball cap in reverse

4) A businessman in a suit with a newspaper under his arm

5) A disgruntled looking member of airport staff

6) An unnaturally jolly member of airport staff

7) People speaking in a foreign language who look smug because they don’t think you can understand them (I love my degree)

8) A crying baby

9) A spoilt toddler

10) A boy in a football jersey

11) Someone listening to music with offensively large headphones

12) Someone collecting money for charity

13) A confused looking Asian/ group of Asians

14) Someone typing furiously on a laptop

15) A mysterious looking man in dark glasses who could possibly be in MI5

16) A hen party

17) A fast food chain

18) A menu with a hideously overpriced cup of coffee

19) A disabled seating area which is pink for no apparent reason

20) A suitcase with a funky pattern.

If you have any suggestions that could be added to the list please leave a reply!



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